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Welcome To Uncharted
Welcome To Uncharted

Clan Story:

One day, a long time ago, a man saw the ships coming. This man was a subject of mystery. Even those who knew him best, knew virtually nothing. He was nicknamed "Teh Unknown." Teh Unknown knew he needed help, so he searched the whole island, until he found a man named Sham Shank by his tribe. Sham was a skilled craftsman in all professions, and, though he wasn't as good as a fighter as Teh Unknown, he was still very strong. These two men formed an eternal alliance, traveling the island, recruiting more soldiers, to keep their island....

Clan Goals:

10k in the Bank: Done

50k in the Bank: 46,000/50,000

Become Official : Not done

Gain 10 members: Done

Clan Allies:

Clan Olympus

Clan Extreme

Single Sharickkou

Single Kameron

Clan Rules

1. Respect all Members

2. Be loyal

3. Stay Active but don't spam

4. Dont Be a Snob

Failure to heed these Rules will result in being kicked from clan! This is your only warning!

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